Relegiuos Festival of Seiñraij Tuber ‘Behdeiñklam’ended at ‘Biar-Ait Nar’at Tuberkmaishnong in Jaintia Hills District

Shillong, July 19, 2021(MMP)A Relegiuos Festival of Seiñraij Tuber ‘Behdeiñklam’has ended today at a religious place called ‘Biar-Ait Nar’at Tuberkmaishnong, in this last day of a festival, 27 Seiñraij Shnong or ‘Shnong Bri’ were participated and 27 Rod were brought to ‘Biar’,the organizers of the Seiñraij tried so hard to maintain the Social Distancing and asked the people to use mask, sanitisers as well, yet all the SOP were followed by the people who came to the festival. Speaking on the occasion Kyrmen Shylla, urged and request the people to take the covid-19 vaccination so as to protect themselves and also to protect others. Kyrmen Shylla have a hope that this plague will go away through their prayers and once again people will enjoy the festival just the way they did before.

 The Deputy Commissioner East Jaintia Hills District, E.Kharmalki (IAS) gave his regards to all the people of Seiñraij Shnong for such a discipline as they had really maintained the social distancing and strictly followed the SOP as direct by the government to check the spread of covid-19, he told that the people who participated in this festival they are all vaccinated, he also took the opportunity where he requested the people to come forward to take the vaccination, he thanked the organizers and showed his gratitude to all the people of Seinraij Tuber and believe that the prayers of the Wasan, the Lyngdoh will work out to drive away plague from the land and gave words of blessing to all so that they will enjoy a happy life in the field of agriculture, business as well as good heath too.

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