Meghalaya Media Provider

Esteemed Viewers.

It gives me immense joy to inform you that I have started the Meghalaya Media Provider, a news agency to provide daily news and major events coverage for the T.V Channels in Meghalaya and outside the state. The advent of Meghalaya Media provider is a timely intervention to fill the long felt need to provide authentic, factual and unbiased reporting for media houses.In this en devour, I am glad to inform in the good tidings that I have simultaneously launched the website with a nomenclature, www.meghalayamediaprovider.com to enable the viewers to have first hand information as events unfold themselves.

In this venture, I have also tagged along the khasi magazine ‘Lurphira to enable its readers to read and see the magazine in the electronic format. This is being done to keep pace with the need of the present generation that is highly digitized. In this regard, I solicit your kind suggestions, comments and valuable feedback.

Meghalaya Media Provider