Attestation parade held at Assam Regimental Center for young soldiers

Shillong, June 4, 2022(MMP):The attestation Parade of 336th Batch was held at The Assam Regimental Centre, Shillong on 04 Jun 22. 68 recruits have been attested in the ceremony conducted at the Parson Parade Ground. The parade was reviewed by Lt Gen KC Panchanathan, AVSM, GOC 101 Area.The ceremonial attestation parade marks the completion of the training schedule for recruits in The Assam Regimental Centre. These young soldiers will be serving in Assam Regiment at various locations.

Lt Gen KC Panchanathan, AVSM, GOC 101 Area, the Reviewing Officer extolled the virtues of selfless service to the nation and recounted the contributions of the North East and Assam Regiment towards nation building. Complementing the passing out batch for their immaculate standards, he exhorted the warriors from the North East to persevere in pursuit of excellence. Swaying to the feet tapping tune of the Regimental song, the young soldiers erupted in joy to mark  a successful transition from enthusiastic recruits to valiant soldiers.

Fourth day  of  Meghalaya Environment  Week organizes at Unitarian Cemetery at Lawsohtun in Shillong

Shillong, June 4, 2022(MMP):The  fourth day  of  Meghalaya Environment  Week, an event  was  organized at Unitarian Cemetery at Lawsohtun today to as a prelude to “Community Action Day” on 5th June 2022. The theme of the event was “To Nangroi”. The tree planting event was organized by the State Government in collaboration Unitarian Church.

            A short speech was given on the importance of religious institutions in preserving the environment and how it’s a duty of the congregation to preserve nature for the future generations. The attendees were thanked for coming out today.

The attendees then went on to plant a number of tree throughout the premises of the cemetery with the expectation that future generations will thank them.

The  United  Nations  Environment  Programme  (UNEP)  created  World  Environment  Day (WED)  in  1973,  terming  it  “a  global  platform  for  inspiring  positive  change.”  And  since  1974,  June 5th  has  become  a  worldwide  event  to  promote  awareness  of  pressing  environmental  issues, encourage  transformative  action,  and  set  annual  reminders  about  the  need  to  conserve  and  protect nature.  2022  marks  the  50th  year  since  the  Stockholm  Conference  in  1972  that  led  to  the  creation  of World  Environment  Day.  This  year,  the  host  country  is  Sweden,  and  the  theme  is  “Only  One  Earth”, a  campaign to  promote  urgent  action against  the  climate  change  crisis. The event was attended by Balang Unitarian Church representative K. Lyngwa, President of the Seng Samla, Bah Deng, Advisor of the Synnod, R.G. Marbaniang, Secretary of Seng Samla Emma Ranee along with a number of Sunday School students from the church.


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