The  third day  of  Meghalaya Environment  Week, an event    organized at ShillongGolf

Shillong, June 3, 2022:The  third day  of  Meghalaya Environment  Week, an event  was  organized at ShillongGolf Clubat Golf Links  today to celebrate  “Reclamation  Day” .  Meghalaya Ministe James Sangma the declining forest cover and it’s devastating impact on the environment and health of the people of the state. He reassured attendees that steps were being taken to rectify this problem. One such way was the transformation of the Forest Department from  a regulatory body to a more proactive one which would engage activitiestoincrease forest cover. He also urged the students who are the future to conserve the environment. Awards were also handed out for winners in various competitions like slogan writing, essay writing and drawing competition to various school students and University students.

           The event was organized  by  a  number  of  departments  and  agencies  including the   Centre   of   Excellence   for   Natural   Resource   Management   and  sustainable   Livelihoods, Meghalaya  Basin  Management  Agency,  Soil  and  Water  Conservation  Department,  Forest  and Environment   Department,   Community   and   Rural   Development   Department,   State   Rural Employment  Society,  State  Council  of  Science,  Technology  and  Environment,  and  Agriculture department.

       The  United  Nations  Environment  Programme  (UNEP)  created  World  Environment  Day (WED)  in  1973,  terming  it  “a  global  platform  for  inspiring  positive  change.”  And  since  1974,  June 5th  has  become  a  worldwide  event  to  promote  awareness  of  pressing  environmental  issues, encourage  transformative  action,  and  set  annual  reminders  about  the  need  to  conserve  and  protect nature.  2022  marks  the  50th  year  since  the  Stockholm  Conference  in  1972  that  led  to  the  creation  of World  Environment  Day.  This  year,  the  host  country  is  Sweden,  and  the  theme  is  “Only  One  Earth”, a  campaign to  promote  urgent  action against  the  climate  change  crisis.

Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board will conduct a free vehicular emission testing camp tomorrow

Shillong, June 3, 2022:   Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board (MSPCB) as part of celebration of World Environment Day 2022 will conduct a free vehicular emission testing camp tomorrow at Additional Secretariat Parking Lot, Shillong and on 6th June, 2022 at Shillong Expressway Mawkhanu, Shillong by-pass.This was informed by the Member Secretary, Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board (MSPCB).

Public Advisory

Shillong, June 3, 2022:   The Superintendent of Police (CID), Meghalaya, Shillong in a public advisory issued has informed that it has come to the notice of the Office of the Superintendent of Police (CID) that frauds are happening through the Aadhaar Enabled payment System (AePS) whereby fraudsters who could gain access to the confidential information like Aadhaar number, Biometric data can perform such Aadhaar Enabled payment without the permission of the customer/owner.The Superintendent of Police (CID), therefore, advised the public to be careful and not to disclose their personal credentials, Aadhaar number in the event of any calls seeking the same.

Further, the Superintendent of Police (CID) also advised that mobile number linked to Aadhaar number be activated immediately and ensure that in case the number is not accessible, change the same by visiting the nearest Aadhaar center.The Superintendent of Police (CID) also cautioned citizens to lock their respective Biometric from the UIDAI Website in order to ensure that there is no misuse.

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