Mortal remains of former Rajya Sabha member Robert Kharshiing lay to rest at Laitumkhrah Catholic Cemetery at Laitumkhrah, Shillong

Shillong, April 9, 2022 (MMP): The mortal remains of former Meghalaya legislator and former Rajya Sabha member, Robert Kharshiing was laid to rest at the Laitumkhrah Catholic Cemetery at Laitumkhrah in Shillong amidst tearful mourners. Kharshiing passed away at Nazareth Hospital in Shillong on the 7th of this month. He left behind his wife, brothers and sister.

Father Pascal Lyngdoh, the Parish Priest of Laitumkhrah Cathedral who performed the funeral service at the house of the deceased at  Bomfyle Road at Lachumiere near Stephen Hall, Laitumkhrah, Shillong termed Kharshiing as one of the great personalities not only of the Hynniewtrep community, but of India. Father Lyngdoh eulogized Kharshiing for the yeoman service that he had rendered to the society. The funeral service was followed by speeches delivered by leaders of different social organizations.  

Garo NGOs oppose settlement of people from Maharashtra in Garo Hills without valid documts

Shillong, April 9, 2022 (MMP): A group of people, around 50 of them from Maharashtra, are looking for settlement in the Rongkhon area in Garo Hills of Meghalaya. While trying to make the people aware of the consequences that may arise from such illegal settlement by Non-Garos, the leaders of NGOs said outsiders without proper documents should not be allowed to stay in Garo Hills. These leaders also said that Garo should immediately stop such illegal settlements in the Garo tribal land of Meghalaya.

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