Hynniewtrep Youth Council observes Black Flag Day to protest unbridled oil price hike

Shillong 22 October,2021(MMP): In Meghalaya, the Hynniewtrep Youth Council today observed the Black Flag Day, the unbridled oil price hike by Meghalaya Government. In this regard, the members of Hynniewtrep Youth Council took out a protest rally from Motphran to Khyndai Lad (Police Bazar) in Shillong. The HYC members placed banners around the Motphran Memorial Monument bear Iewduh in Shillong protesting the state Government’s inability to control the unreasonable hike in the prices of oil, diesel and gas in the state. When the marchers reached Khyndai Lad, they held up by state police not to proceed further. At Khyndai Lad, the members of HYC again placed banners railings and also released balloons into the air as a mark of protest against the state Government.

Speaking to the media, the HYC General Secretary said the hike in the prices of petrol, diesel and gas will not affect only the car owners, but particularly the poor people of the state. Synrem said the state Government can always approach the Government of India in this regard because the Central Excise Duty was too much hovering between 60 percent to 70 percent, while the actual price of oil is very low. He also appealed to the Meghalaya oil retailer dealers to also do something in this regard, as it was done by Assam.  Synrem also said that when the prices of petrol, diesel and gas go up, the price of essential commodities start soaring because Meghalaya solely depends on road transportation. “At the end, it is poor people who will be badly affected” Synrem added. 

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