Meghalaya Government restructures police force FS-10

Shillong 11th May,2021(MMP): Meghalaya Home Minister, Lahkmen Rymbui today informed that the cabinet has approved to restructure the police force belonging to Special Force -10, set up by the previous Government to maintain law and order and also to contain militancy in the State. Speaking to media Rymbui said that since militancy has been contained in the state, the state government strongly felt that the excess man power of SF-10 should be utilised in other police outposts and police stations in the different parts of the state to contained the daily crimes in these police outposts and stations. Rymbui also  said that some of the police personnel who have been infected by covid-19 infection have been properly taken care by the state government.

          On the non-observance  of covid-19 protocol in shillong , Rymbui said that action will be taken and there is an exception to this, as people need to go to hospitals and vehicles with passes are allowed to ply, but this does not mean that they are allowed to break the protocol.   MMP

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