NCC Cadets belonging to 41 Meghalaya NCC Battalion observe International Forest Day with slogans along the streets of Shilong to create awareness to protect the environment

Shillong, March 21 (MMP) : The NCC Cadets belonging to 41 Meghalaya NCC Battalion of Shillong today marched to the streets of between Police Bazar to Arya Vidyalaya School in Shillong shouting slogans to create awareness to protect the environment. The rally including slogans  “Each one plant one, Save Trees and Plant a tree and get Oxygen ” were heard along the streets, as NCC Cadet passed through them. The rally was part of the observance of   International Forest Day celebration held every year on the 21st March. The cadets who participated in this programme were from different schools and colleges like St Anthony’s College, Little Flower school , Umshyrpi Collge  ,Arya Vidyalaya.                             

            Major General Ananta Bhutan, Additional Director General of NCC, North Eastern Region  said that ” Forest and environment are the elements of the society . Our Cadets were always there to contribute to the welfare of the society. He Congratulated 41 MEGHALAYA battalions for organizing the Nobel event and thanked them for creating awareness on the conservation of the forests. It will definitely send a positive message to the society.

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