The five-day socio-religious festival of Hima Khyrim will culminate on the 25th of November with minimum festivity

Shillong, November 14, 2020 (MMP): The culmination of the five-day socio-religious festival of Hima Khyrim, better know as Shad Nongkrem at Smit will culminate on the 25th of this month with bear minimum of festivity. This was disclosed by the Tribal Chief of Hima Paiem Dr. Balajied Sing Syiem to the media today. “All the rights and rituals to pay obeisance to God Almighty” will be performed as in the previous years and the merriment with handful of male and female dancers will perform infront of the courtyard amidst strict adherence of Covid-19 protocol. The preparation relating to the rites and ritual of the Nongkrem Dance has already started, as the traditional method of sending of message to all the traditional head via the knotted rings called “Kyrwoh” has already been done.(MMP)  


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