Duwansing Syiem recognized as great tribal chief of Hima Sohra and intellectual of Khasi community

Shillong, October, 31, 2020 (MMP): Former ruler of Hima Sohra in Meghalaya’s East Khasi Hills District,  Duwansing Syiem was today recognized as a great tribal chief of Hima Sohra and intellectual of Khasi community. The conferment of title the great and intellectual on Duwansing Syiem, the then tribal chief of Hima Sohra was adopted by the Executive Durbar of Hima Sohra today, the 31st of October, 2020 in the presence of incumbent tribal chief, Freeman Sing Syiem and Myntris amidst ki khun ki hajar in a function held at the Office of Hima Sohra in Sohra under strict observance of health protocol issued by the Government. Speaking on the occasion, the speakers lauded the role of Duwansing Syiem who did not join the tribal chief of Hima Nongkhlaw in the arms upright against the British imperialism in Khasi Hills. The speakers also termed the signing of agreement between Duwansing Syiem of Hima Sohra and David Scott, as big political diplomacy that benefited the people of Hima Sohra, rather than taking up of arms against the mighty and powerful British Empire, which would bring untold suffering to his subjects or Ki Khun Ki Hajar. Speaking on the occasion, the Paiem Freeman Sing Syiem of Hima Sohra lauded the role played by Duwansing Syiem for the welfare of his subjects.

       Former Meghalaya Legislator, Dr. P.W. Khongjee termed Duwansing Syiem as a far sighted and highly intellectual ruler who would use his intelligence for the benefit of his people.

      The Secretary and Myntri of Hima Sohra, B.V. Rymmai informed that Duwansing Syiem after weighing all the pros and cons in the fight against the Britishers, preferred not to engage into the futile fight against them, but opted for an agreement.

        The Block Development Officer of Sohra Civil Sub-Division, Alex Mukhim encouraged the authorities that the unpublished activities done by Duwansing Syiem should be published for the benefit of the present and future generation. Meghalaya Legislator, J.M. Mylliemngap, who represents Sohra Assembly Constituency expressed appreciation to the authorities of Hima Sohra for giving due recognition to the tribal chief, who had dedicated his life for the welfare of his subjects. The book titled U Duwan Sing U Syiem Bakhraw Ka Hima Sohra Bad U Khraw Pyrkhat Jong Ka Jaitbynriew Khasi written by B.V. Rymmai was released on the occasion. MMP

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