Covid-19 Management in Meghalaya is in disarray says Meghalaya Congress Legislator

Shillong, September 16, 2020 (MMP) :Meghalaya Congress Legislator, Zenith Sangma today said that the management of Covi-19 in the state is in complete disarray. Sangma said that is a  complete chaos in the tackling Covid-19, as there is no proper guidelines and instruction  from the Governemnt. “In the management of Covid-19, are left to the understanding  and of the Deputy Commissioners of the different distircts in the state”, Sangma said. Sangma who is also the spokesperson of the Congress also said that the state Government is randomly impossing the Lockdonw, in which, the people of the state are being deprive
of the fundamental rights, such as, the Right of Movement and Right of Livelihood and it  should be the resposibility of the Government provide assistance to the people, when it not allow them to sell their goods or open their markets. Sangma also severyly criticised at the lukewar attitude of the state Government to
rectify the various anomalies and malfunctionig of the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Ltd, whic has brought huge revenue loss to the state. He said that he had made an allegation against the state Government that MECL has incurred an annual revenue loss to the tune of over Rs.100 are the Stage-4 and Stage-5 of the Umtrep power generation was not repaired. Meghalaya Congress Opposition Legislator Zenith Sangma criticised the Government of Meghalaya
poor response, in which, large number of pregrant womne and new born babies died to  to lack of proper facilities. MMP

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