Vegetable hawkers stalls  at Lum Survey dismantled by police 

Shillong, August 25, 2020(MMP ): Roadside vegetable hawkers who were dumped by police from Motphran, Umshyrpi and Mawlonghat to sell their vegetables at Lum Survey area in the heart of Shillong during lockdown, were taken by surprise, when police today destroyed their temporary stalls. Speaking to the media, the hawkers said that more than seventy stalls were dismantled by police today morning.

The vegetable hawkers who are making their both ends meet from selling vegetables said that they will not shift from this place and fight for their rights. They said they police came to destroy their temporary bamboo sheds covered with plastics after the inspection by a magistrate on the previous day. They termed the police action as inhumane and they will now shift from this place till things are properly communicated to them. They also informed that they are paying an amount of Rs.20.00p per day for each stall and Rs.50.00 for keep the vehicle at the venue and affirmed that it is their legal rights to continue their business from this area. MMP

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