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Synjuk Ki Rangbah Kur Ka Bri U Hynñiewtrep expresses shock at H.S. Shylla demise

Shillong, August 8, 2020: The members of Synjuk Ki Rangbah Kur Ka Bri U Hynñiewtrep today expressed shock at the sudden demise of the Founding President of the organisation, Hispreachering Son Shylla. The former Chief Executive Member of Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council was instrumental for many vital legislations for protection of legitimate rights of the Khasi community. Synjuk Ki Rangbah Kur Ka Bri U Hynñiewtrep in a press release issued to the media said  that Shylla formed the conglomeration of Khasi clan elders on the 7th of January, 2019 in furthering the interest of the Khasi community. The organization also condoled the sad demise of Shylla. MMP


Covid-19 patient recovered at NEIGRIHMS

Shillong, August 8, 2020: Amidst the rising COVID-19 cases in Meghalaya,  58 years old senior Government official and returnee from another state was referred to NEIGRIHMS from Civil Hospital, Shillong on the 13th of July, as a case of fever and breathlessness. He is a known diabetic on insulin therapy and a known hypertensive. On admission his RT-PCR was positive for COVID-19 and his CT scan showed features of Covid lung damage. He was admitted in the High Dependent Unit and treated conservatively with Oxygen, Low molecular weight heparin, dexamethasone and antibiotics. His condition improved and transferred to covid isolation ward. He remained asymptomatic was discharged today after his last two RT-PCR’s became negative. MMP


Dead toll due to Covid-19 rises to six in Meghalaya

Shillong, August 8, 2020: In Meghalaya, the dead toll due to Covid-19 has risen to six with another death reported today.  According to Director of Health Services (MI), Dr. Aman War, the deceased passed away at the North Eastern Regional Institute of Health and Medical Science (NEIGRIHMS) in Shillong. Dr. War informed that the patient was admitted to NEIGRIHMS as he was suffering from chronic kidney failure. He was tested positive for COVID-19. When contacted, NEIGRIHMS director, Dr. P. Bhattacharya told that Pankaj Bhusal,  a middle age patient from Upper Mawprem died of COVID-19 pneumonia. MMP

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