Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement opposes National Population Register and National Register of Citizens


Photo: MMP

Shillong, March 17, 2020 (MMP): Khun Hynniewtrep Awakening Movement today strongly opposed the implementation of National Population Register and National Register of Citizens in Meghalaya terming it as detrimental to the indigenous tribes of Meghalaya. Addressing a press conference at Shillong Press Club, KHNAM’s President, Thomas Passah the people of the state should vehemently oppose the implementation of NPC in the state because it it mandatory that every citizen should produce the Birth Certificate as a prof of Indian citizenship. “All those who can not produce the Birth Certificates will be termed as doubtful citizens and will be marked with a letter “D” meaning Doubtful Citizens”, Passah said, added that lakhs of the rural, as well as urban citizens who do not have the Birth Certificate will be termed as Doutful Citizens and lose their right to franchise and other benefits. “The CAA, NPR and NRC are nothing but a weapon created by the BJP Government in orderto discriminate on the basis of religion and thus playing their all time favourite dirty politics of “Divide and Rule Policy”. These laws also violate the Constitution by going against some of its very fundamental core beliefs. They have been formed in order to fulfill the theory of Savakar, the founder of RSS of creating a Hindu Rashtra, with an ideology of Hindutwa. It may also be used as tool of identifying and spripping off  most of the anti-BJP voters’ rights to vote, thus preparing for clean sweep in the 2024 General Election. And if that becomes a reality, then it poses grave threat for the people of Meghalaya, as the past election indicates that the majority in the Meghalaya has been always anti-BJP” Passah said. He also said that the peole of Meghalaya should be aware of the impending danger because the dissarter is already kncking at the door steps stating from the 1st April this year. MMP    

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