Deputy Commissioner seeks application for expression of interest

Shillong, January 29, 2020: The Deputy Commissioner cum Chairman of the District Mineral Foundation Trust, East Jaintia Hills District, Khliehriat has informed that an expression of interest is invited by the District Mineral Foundation Trust East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya for pilot project as a proof concept for in-situ treatment, cleaning, Bioremediation of polluted, acidic rivers, namely from Ummutha-Lunar Confluence to Lunar- Lukha Confluence, which is approximately 2.5 Km.

      The technology companies having original research and proven successful work experience for around 15 years related  treatment of waste water bodies including acidic industrial effluent, sewage Effluent and Acid Mine Drainage  based on Phycoremediation using customized  Green Micro Algae Consortia may apply for the project.     

    The company participating in the EOI should either be a technology company or it should carry an exclusive authority from a Technology Company to participate and work in association with Technology Company or under its guidance.Apart from the above criteria, the company should have a thorough understanding of geographical location and its challenges and different types of pollution in these water streams and rivers.

     Companies having been awarded projects by NGT or any other government agencies in Meghalaya and Northeast will be given preference and should support with documentary projects of such works orders or projects awarded.The companies may apply by giving all necessary details of technology and work experience on or before the 11th February, 2020. MMP

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