Meghalaya Governor Tathagata Roy appeals for using of Remote Sensing Technology    



Shillong, November, 20, 2019 (MMP): Meghalaya Governor, Tathagata Roy today made an ardent appeal for the use of Remote Sensing Technology, which are very handy for implement big projects in the metros. Inaugurating the three-day National Symposium on “Innovations in Geospatial Technology at the Multi Purpose Convention Auditorium of North Eastern Hill University, Umshing in Shillong, Roy said the advancement of technology has made things much easier these days, particularly in construction work. Roy, who graduated in Civil Engineering from Bengal Engineering College in Shibpur at Howrah, West Bengal informed that he was involved in the designing and construction of Calcutta Metro Railways, which was very difficult due to lack of appropriate technology. Roy said that he could use then the Japanese technology, which was available at that time for the underground work of the Calcutta Metro Railways.

         “Using the latest technologies will be very useful, particularly for implementation of mega projects that are coming up in the different metros of the country. The Governor also reiterated the use of Remote Sensing Technology as emphasized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that it should be used by all stakeholders and state Governments for speed implementation of the various scheme of the Government. He said, unlike New Delhi, which is facing the problem of smog every now and then, Meghalaya is fortunate enough to be free from that kind of health hazard due to its geographical location and topography. He however, lamented the horrible traffic congestion that makes people uncertain to reach their destinations. MMP

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