Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma launches e-challenge website

Shillong, August 14, 2019 (MMP): Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K. Sangma today said the state Government is extending its handholding to the entrepreneurs of the state. “It is not possible for the state Government to extend financial support to each and everyone” Sangma said, adding that the Government will try its level best to support all those people with innovative idea for the economic prosperity of the state. Launching the e-challenge website under the aegis of Meghalaya Institute of Entrepreneurship, Government of Meghalaya at the Main Secretariat in Shillong, the Chief Minister said the website will enable the entrepreneurs of the state to have access various facilities to be provided by the state Government. He said the website will enable the entrepreneurs to have linkage to credit and marketing facilities.

         He said a competition among the entrepreneurs has been put in the website, where entrepreneurs with innovative ideas can take part. “The first category of twenty five winners for Best Innovative Ideas will be appreciation with Rs.1 lakh each and another categories of twenty five winners will be rewarded with Rs.50,000.00p each”, the Chief Minister said. When asked as to how the state Government will do to the enterprising entrepreneurs who are faced with credit and marketing problems, Conrad K. Sangma expressed helplessness on the functioning of Banks, particularly with disbursing of Bank loans and reiterated that the Government is willing to help the entrepreneurs to go about to have access to credit and marketing.

         He said the state Government has creating the facility called Megh Mart, where the list of the products of the state are mentioned and linkage is created between the sellers of the state and the purchasers of the other part of the country. He said because of this electronic facility, Amazon has started inquiring about the Lakadong turmeric and interested to market. “Such small efforts made by the state Government is bound to yield fruit in the long run to improve the economic condition of the entrepreneurs of the state”, the Chief Minister added. MMP

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