Khliehriat District Rural Development Agency organizes awareness programmes on Jal Shakti Abhyan

Shillong, July 27, 2019 (MMP): Khliehriat District Rural Development Agency has organized awareness programmes on Jal Shakti Abhyan at Khliehriat and Sutnga in East Jaintia Hills. The purpose of these programmes is to create awareness among the public on the need to preserve the rain water for daily uses. The five nodal departments including Agriculture department, Soil and Water Conservation, Water Resources, Environment and Basin Development Unit were taking part in the campaigns to make people aware the importance of Rain Water and showed to people on how to harvest rain water. The Department of Public Health Engineering (Swacch Bharat) Khliehriat made the people aware one scheme on Solid and Liquid Waste Management including power point presentation on how to dig pits to store rain water.

          Speaking on the occasion, Sub-Division Officer spoke on Minor Irregation Project, Jalkund, Rejuvenation,Roof Toping. Khliehriat Fisherries Officer, C. Challam spoke on the various Fishery Schemes like Blue Revolution and Sanctuary Renovation.

           Khliehriat  Demonstrator of Soil and Water Conservation, T. Swer spoke on the scheme of Roof Topping,  Rain Water Harvesting, Check Dam and Aforestation.MMP

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