Ministry of Health and Family Welfare asks NEIGRIHMS to implement Assessment Promotion Scheme regularly from this year

Shillong 16 May 2019 (MMP): Director of NEIGRIHMS today conveyed to faculty the approval of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to implement Assessment Promotion Schemes regularly in NEIGRIHMS from this year. As per the letter dated 2nd May, 2019, forms for Assessment Promotion Schemes shall be invited every year in the month of May and all faculty members fulfilling the requisite criteria shall be eligible for next higher promotion.            

              “The Administration has been pursuing the issue vigorously with the Ministry for last two years”, the Director said. Administration of this institute besides fighting for the rights of the employees of NEIGRIHMS is always concerned with the patient care services of the poor patients of the Northeast. He advised the Faculty of NEIGRIHMS to work honestly to the best of their capacity so that patients of this region retain their confidence in this premier Institute.              Regarding some news reports highlighting the death of a 52 year old patient in Cardiology, the Director said, “Every death is an unfortunate event for us, and as Head of the institution it is my responsibility to ensure that no patient dies, who otherwise could be saved.” But unfortunately, some people because of their ulterior motives misguide people, which he said should not happen. Quoting the figures of Medical Records Department, he said from January, 2018 more than 100 deaths have occurred in Cardiology Department of either same diagnosis or similar diagnosis.

                     It is therefore unfortunate that some people are highlighting the death of this patient for unknown reasons. He further said the high cost device costing around 25 lakh rupees demanded by the Department of Cardiology was never used by the department before, although many patients expired in the past of similar diagnosis. Most of the drugs and disposables are provided free of cost to the poor patients. However certain costly items, patients need to purchase.

                The efforts of the institute are to ensure that the patients purchase the item at lowest possible cost, so that the poor patients of the region need not to sell their valuables and land for their treatment. Amrit Pharmacy in the Institute was established in 2016 with the sole purpose of making the drugs/devices available to the patient at a reasonable cost. Director thanked the Faculty of NEIGRIHMS at this occasion saying that he is getting cooperation of most of the faculty in this regard. He assured that he would continue his efforts to streamline the system so that it is both patient-friendly and employee-friendly. MMP

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