Meghalaya Congress announced the world’s largest poverty eradication programme initiated by Congress President Rahul Gandhi.


Shillong, March 26, 2019 (MMP): Meghalaya Congress today announced the world’s largest poverty eradication programme initiated by Congress President, Rahul Gandhi. The scheme titled Nyuntam Aay Yojana has been coined with its acronym “NYAY”, a Hindi word for justice to provide maximum income for the poor and disadvantaged. Addressing media persons in Shillong, the Congress spokesperson, Himalaya M. Shangpliang  said the programme will give upto Rs. 72,000 a year or Rs. 6,000 a month to 20 per cent of India’s poorest families. The programme has been announced in the backdrop of the Lok Sabha Shillong and Tura Parliamentary seats to be held on the 11th of next month.                                                                        

              Shangpliang said this Rs.72,000/- will be deposited in the bank account of the woman and five crore people multiply by five members will be benefited when the scheme will be implemented, when Congress comes to power at the Centre.  The Congress spokesperson also said the NYAY is an additional scheme and the existing social welfare schemes will not be discontinued. He said the Congress is committed that no existing subsidies will be slashed. The programme is likely to have a big impact on the Centre’s exchequer to the tune of Rs.3.6 lakh crore per annum, some economists said, adding that it is being seen as a universal basic income, which has attracted the global attention.  “The Congress led United Porgressive Alliance  (NDA)  Government at the Centre has implemented the Mahatma Gandhi  NREGA that lifted the 14 crore people out of poverty” Shangpliang said, adding that no party in the world had done it. “NYAY has been conceived by a team of leading economists “ Shangpliang and all the details will be unfolded in the coming says. MMP

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