Mawpat St. Mary’s Parish Gets New Church Building


Archbishop, Rev. Dominic Jala at the blessing of the church at St. Mary’s Parish, Mawpat.MMP
A large number of faithful attend the church dedication service and Holy Mass at St. Mary’s Parish, Mawpat in Shillong.MMP

        Nascent St. Mary’s Parish, Mawpat of the Shillong Archdiocese, which was established on the 25th of March, 2012, today made another ecclesiastical leap, when the Archbishop, Rev. Dominic Jala dedicated the newly constructed church at a concelebrated Holy Mass held at the church’s premises at Mawpat.

         The construction of the Rs.3,00,00,000/- church commenced eight months after the establishment of the parish and completed with the stipulated of five year’s time. The elegant structure is adorned with green pine trees surrounded by houses and few buildings. The contractor was honored with a traditional shawl called “Ka Ryndia”, as a mark of appreciation for his hard work to ensure that the construction seesthe light of day with the time framed.

       The establishment of St. Mary’s Parish was generously permitted by the Shillong Archdiocese under the pastoral care of Archbishop Dominic Jala to the care of the religious congregation of the Claretian Missionaries Fathers (CMF). The dedication service including religious rites and religious ceremonies was held at the premises of the church attended by a large number of faithful and singing of the choir. The service began when the representatives of those who have been involved in the building of the church, including parish faithful, architect and workers who handed over to the Archbishop the legal documents, key, and plan of the building.

          After this, the Archbishop handed the key to Fr. Kuriakose Mundakatt of CMS, to whom the pastoral office of the church has been entrusted to open the door of the church. After the blessing of the water, the Archbishop preceded by the priests and other representatives of the church went to the church for the blessing. After blessing the church, the Archbishop returned the altar to continue with the celebration of Holy Mass.                                           

           Delivering the homily, Rev. Jala who drew lessons from the Second Reading of Paul’s Letter (1 Corinthians 12:12-27) which speaks of one body with many parts, made an ardent to the faithful of St. Joseph’s Parish to show solidarity and unity to overcome all the hurdles that might come on their way in spreading the Good News of Lord Jesus Christ. Rev. Jala also stressed on the need for Christian family the read the Bible. He also said those who read the Word of God in the Churches should fully prepare themselves because God speaks to people through them. MMP

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