Citizens’ Forum against Culture of Violence in Meghalaya Demands Impartial Inquiry Into The November 8, 2018 Brutal Attack On Social Activists


Citizens’ Forum against Culture of Violence in Meghalaya holds rally at the parking spaces in front of Additional secretariat in Shillong. MMP

            The Citizens’ Forum against Culture of Violence in Meghalaya today strongly condemned the brutal assault on the social activist-Anges Kharshiing, her close aide-Amita Sangma and their driver on the November 8,2018 while inquiring into the illegal coal transportation in East Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya. The members of the forum who held a protest rally at the parking space in from of Additional Secretariat in Shillong made scathing attack on the illegal miners who assaulted the NGO activists and the clandestine coal transportation from the state despite the interim ban on rat-hole coal mining in Meghalaya since 2014.

          The rally decided to demand from the state Government to set up an independent and impartial Inquiry in to the incident, the Government should take the responsibility to all what had happed and to bear all the medical expense of all those injured in the incident.

              Speaking at the rally the President of TUR, Angela Rangad termed the incident as criminal conspiracy and premeditated action. She said stern punishment should be given not only to those involved in the incident, but to all those trying in incite others to commit the crime. Rangad strongly condemned the state Government’s lackadaisical attitude in allowing transportation of coal from the state despite NGT ban. Rangad lauded the courage of Kharshiing who had filed numerous FIRs against illegal transportation of coal from the state, educational scams, purchasing of land at Mawdiang-diang, corruption in the Public Distribution System to mention and others. The brutal attack on Agnes Kharshiing was muscle to social activists who are trying to unearth the various mal-practices and corruption in the state. MMP


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