Meghalaya Legislative Assembly pays homage to members of Parliament and State Assemblies who passed away when the House was not in Session


Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma welcomes newly elected members of State Assembly and also congratulates Speaker Dr.Donkupar Roy for airing live the proceedings of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.MMP               Meghalaya Legislative Assembly today paid homage to members of Parliament and state Assemblies, who passed away the state Assembly was not in session. Former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who passed away on the 16th of August this year, former Lok Sabha Speaker, Somnath Chatterjee from West Bengal, former Meghalaya Governors, M.M. Jacob and Bhishma Narian Singh and a galaxy of illustrious public representatives were fondly remembered by the state Assembly for their contribution to the society, on the first day of  Autumn Session. Condolences were conveyed to all the bereaved family members of the deceased public representatives by the member of August House. The House observed a two-minute silence as a mark of respect to these departed souls.

            Paying obituary references to these departed leaders, Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K. Sangma said former Prime Minister-Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Lok Sabha Speaker from West Bengal, Somnath Chatterjee, former Meghalaya Governors-M.M. Jacob and Bhishma Narian Singh, former Finance Minister in the Left Front Government of West Bengal-Ashok Mitra, member of the Legislative Assembly representing Jayanagar in Bengaluru, former Minister of Karnataka-K.H. Hanume Gowda, Veteran Congress leader and MLA of Jamkhandi Taluk, Bengaluru, Siddu Bhimappa Nyama-gouda, Maharashtra Agriculture Minister and senior BJP leader-Pandurang Fundkar passed away on the 31st May, 2018, former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu-Muthuvel Karunanidhi and others were great personalities, who had made immense contribution to the nation. Sangma said the contribution made by these people will fondly cherished by everyone and the vacuum they left behind, will take a long time to be filled in.

             In another item, Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K. Sangma tabled the list of Supplementary Demand for Grants and Supplementary Appropriation for 2018-2019, to enable the state Government for defraying the various charges which will come in the course of payment during the year ending the 31st march, 2019.

                   Chief Minister, Conrad K. Sangma also introduced the Meghalaya Protection of Interest of Depositors Bill-2018. The Bill has been introduced in the House, as it has become necessary to have a strong law in the state in order to protect the interest of the depositors in financial institution operating in the state, considering the fact that some of these financial institutions are unauthorized and mobilizing funds from the public and depositors with suspect or fraudulent intention. Since the present Meghalaya Protection of Interest of Depositors Act, 2006 is not fully equipped in dealing with such institutions and the Government strongly feels the need to repeal the existing Act with a new act.

                   The Bill empowers the state Government for removing the difficulties in any provisions of the Bill in consistent with the provision of the Act.

               The Chief Minister also introduced in the House the Meghalaya Essential Services Maintenance (Amendment) Bill, 2018 and the Meghalaya Society Registration (Amendment) Bill-2018. The Meghalaya Essential Services Maintenance Act was enacted by the state Legislature of Meghalaya in 1980 and this act was assented by the President of India. The Act has been subsequently amended by the Meghalaya Essential Services Maintenance (Amendment) Act, 2017. Under Section (2) of the Meghalaya Essential Service Maintenance Act, 2017, the word “Subjection” appears instead of word “Sub-section. It has become necessary to amend Section (2) of the Meghalaya Essential Services Maintenance (Amendment) Act, 2017 in order to replace the word “Subjection” with word “Sub-section”.

             The aim of Meghalaya Societies Registration Bill 2018 is to amend the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act-1982. The Bill aims to amend Section 7 of the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act, 1983, Sub-section (2) in which the words “Two Hundred Fifty Rupees” be substituted with words “One Thousand Rupees”. This Bill is necessary to raise revenue to the state under the Meghalaya Societies Registration Act.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly observes two-minute silence as a mark of respect to the departed public representatives in the country when the House was not in session. MMP

            While, Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister incharge of Public Works Department, Prestone Tynsong laid the Thirty Eighth Report of the Meghalaya Government Construction Corporation Ltd for the year 2015-16.

                Tynsong who also holds the Parliamentary Affairs portfolio, informed the House that Martin Danggo, Member of the Committee on Public Accounts has resigned from the membership of the Committee and it was accepted. In view of Martin Danggo’s resignation, Tynsong said that the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly will have to elect another member to fill up the vacancy for the remaining term of the Committee on Public Accounts.

         In a similar situation, Tynsong told the House that Kumari Agatha K. Sangma, Member of the Committee on Estimates has resigned from the membership of the Committee and the House will have to elect another member in accordance with Rule 224 (1) of the Rules and Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly to fill up the vacancy for the remaining term of the Committee.

                 Taking part in the obituary reference, Leader of Opposition, Dr. Mukul Sangma said the passing of members of Parliament and state Assemblies was a great loss to the nation.

          Meghalaya Health Minister, A.L. Hek eulogized former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee as the tallest Indian personality, who was deeply concerned for the welfare of the citizens of the country. Hek lauded former Prime Minister Vajpayee for his vision connecting the West and the East through the National Highways. The Minister said, that it was through the efforts of Vajpayee, who wanted the Eastern parts of the India to develop like the other parts of the country, created the DONER Ministry to speed up the pace of development. While Meghalaya Urban Affairs Minister, Hamlet Dohling informed the House that he was also instrumental for the creation of DONER because when he was the President of Khasi Students’ Union along with members of North East Students’ Organization (NESO)  met former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and apprised him on the need for the creation of a new ministry for the development of North Eastern Region.

          The House the first time aired live the proceeding of the proceeding of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and also welcomed the newly elected members of the House. MMP 













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