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Meghalaya Health Department seeks media support to eradicate Measles Rubella

Concerned over highly contagious virus, Measles Rubella which spread by contact with an infected person through coughing and sneezing, which claimed over 5.63 lakh children worldwide in 2000, Meghalaya Health Department today organized a media sensitization workshop in Shillong today.

Delivering the Keynote Address about the nationwide campaign for the eradication of Measles and Rubella, Meghalaya Health and Family Welfare & Mission Director,  Pravin Bakshi solicited the support of the media in giving a wide publicity and awareness about the programme. He stated that the noble and humane objectives of the campaign to root out Measles and Rubella from the country by 2020 cannot be achieved without the pro active role of media.

India achieved a monumental milestone with Polio eradication in 2014 and Maternal and Neonatal Elimination in 2015 and is now committed to the goal of Measles elimination and control of Rubella/CRS (congenital rubella syndrome) by 2020 both diseases which have no cure but can be prevented only through vaccination. To achieve this goal, Measles-Rubella (MR) Campaign has been launched in the country covering all children of 9 months to below 15 years of age.

More than 24 States across the country have already have started the campaign successfully covering 10.2 crore children. Meghalaya will launch the Measles Rubella Campaign on 1st October 2018 making the State the 25th state in the country to launch the campaign. An estimated target of about 13 lakh children of the State will be vaccinated during this campaign.MMP

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