Deputy Superintendent of Policy Shillong City, Smti. C.W. Lyngdoh  cautions students not to fall prey to inducement and allurement to ensure safety.


Deputy Superintendent of Policy Shillong City, Smti. C.W. Lyngdoh speaks at the awareness programme organize by Jingiaseng Kynthei Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Mihngi under the aegis of “Social & Economic Development Association”.MMP

         The Jingiaseng Kynthei Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod Mihngi under the aegis of “Social & Economic Development Association” today organized an awareness programme under the theme, “Exploitation against women as well as trafficking and child abuse”. In this regard, large number of students belonging to the Presbyterian schools under Shillong city, along with teachers braved the inclement weather by taking out a precession in the city. The students took out the march from Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church and converged in the same place via Dhankheti and St. Edmund’s College. The banners which were carried along the main thoroughfare of Laitumkhrah locality read, “We condemn violence against women”, “Together we can tackle child abuse” and “Get high on grades and not on drugs”.

                      Later, a programme was held at the ground floor auditorium of Laitumkhrah Presbyterian Church, in which, students, teachers, pastors, church elders, parents, members of Jingiaseng Kynthei Khasi Presbyterian Synod Mihngi took part.

          Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Superintendent of Policy Shillong City, Smti. C.W. Lyngdoh made an ardent appeal to the students to focus on their studies and not to fall prey to materialism and imitation of affluent students. Lyngdoh said students who know how to respect God, will definitely know how to respect their parents, family members, teachers and eleders in the society. Lyngdoh also said that students should have an aim in life to ensure a secured future life.  On the other hand, she said parents due to too preoccupation with works don’t bother to ask the whereabouts of their children and these things lead to undesired consequences.

               Speaking on the various aspects of crimes against women and children, Lyngdoh said that it is paradox of life that in the Khasi-Pnar matrilineal society, where women are held in high esteemed  and respect in the society, the crimes and violence against women and children are found to be very high. “As per the 1917 report, there were 200 criminal cases relating to children and 100 cases were related to women”, Lyngdoh said.

             She said that there should a clear understand of what is rape, sexual abuse, molestation and domestic violence, as each of them  is linked with award of punishment of the accused, as they are clearly spelled out in Indian Penal Code (IPC).

            She said many of the people longing to lower income category have fallen prey to trafficking due inducement and promise of employment. Lyngdoh said the social media including internet, is actually a boon to the students, as they can gett all the information from the internet to complete their project works and assignments. But social media including Face Book and Apps they h become a bane to the society because people do not know how to use them properly. She urged the students that they should know how to protect themselves when they use these technologies. “Photographs uploaded in the Face Book should be made sure that they are secured and they should not be shared with any Tom, Dick and Harry, as they may be misused by unscrupulous people.

            On the aspect of rape, Lyngdoh said mobile users should not mention the name of rape victim, the names of parents and relatives, as their will only create more trauma to the affected persons. “Mentioning the names of rape victims is equivalent to tarnishing their image and reputation; and the law takes cognizance of this”, Lyngdoh said. She said domestic violence are quite common in the society, but the affected persons do not want to reveal them, as they think that this will only damage the family reputation. “Concealing of any crime of a criminal offence and it is punishable under the law tagged with three years of imprisonment”, Lyngdoh added.

          Drawing an analogy from the proverb, “Charity begins at home”, Lyngdoh asked the girl students to dress decently, as not to provoke anyone and the parents to take care of their children in order to ensure their safety and for a secured society. MMP

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