Human Trfficking Is A Crime Against Women Says Chief Justice Of Meghalaya Chief Justice Mohammad Yaqoob


Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court, Mohammad Yaqoob Mir along with participants of Judicial Colloquium on Anti-Human Trafficking in Shillong.

The Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court, Mohammad Yaqoob Mir today said that human trafficking is a crime against humanity and is the third largest organized crime across the globe. Justice Mohammad Yaqoob Mir said this at the inauguration of a one day Judicial Colloquium on Anti-Human Trafficking, which was organised by the Meghalaya State Judicial Academy  in Shillong today in the Conference Hall, High Court of Meghalaya.

Addressing the Judicial Officers, Police Officers, State Government Officials, State, District Nodal Officers Anti-Human Trafficking, Lawyers and State NGOs, the Chief Justice said that “Human trafficking is not only a serious crime but it is a serious human exploitation and that millions of victims of human trafficking are from Asia”, the Chief Justice informed. Catastrophe will occur if human trafficking is not stopped and we need to tackle it collectively and together we need to discharge our constitutional obligations to curb this menace, he added.

The Judge of Meghalaya High Court, Justice S.R. Sen was also present at the inaugural function. Judicial Colloquium on Anti-Human Trafficking are being held throughout the country to sensitize magistrates and judges as to how women and children experience the process of law relating to trafficking, to enable magistrates and judges to take pro-active decisions and exercise discretion as provided under the law that will be most beneficial and just to the victims and most stringent to the trafficker and to focus on procedures for speedier disposal of trafficking cases and taking stringent punitive action against traffickers.

Former IPS Officer, P.M. Niar spoke on the concept, Dimension, Resources, Changes and Innovation, in the field of human Trafficking with special sexual exploitation of women and children. Mathur said the reported cases of human trafficking is very small in Meghalaya and did not rule out that there also unreported case. He said the causes of human trafficking are many including poverty, lure for better employment and those affected by natural disasters like floods and other natural calamities.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chairperson of Impulse NGO, Shillong, H. Kharbhih spoke on Trafficking for forced labour, Responses and Restoration. Role of NGOs and Use of Technology to address human trafficking with special focus on sexual exploitation of women and children.

Delivering on these topics, Kharbhih also expressed concern over chief forced labour and human trafficking from across the borders and in South East Asia. She said due to awareness the border guards, repatriation these days have become more humane. She informed about the new legislation that will be introduce in the country, which will bring better coordination and cooperation among the neighbouring countries in tackling the problems of trafficking and forced labour. Kharbhih said the new technology which is in place, has immensely helped the NGOs and the police in tackling the problem of human trafficking among the stakeholders.

While, R. Mathur, IPS, S. SP (CID) and State Nodal Police Officer Human Trafficking spoke on the Scenario of Human Trafficking in Meghalaya. Role of Police on Victim Protection, Rescue, Care and Suport.  MMP


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