Hynniewtrep Achick National Movement organizes signature campaign to garner support for Khasi Hills Autonomous District (Khasi Social Custom of Lineage) Second Amendment Bill-2018.


Leaders of Hynniewtrep Achick National Movement speak to media person in support of KHADC (Khasi Social Custom of Lineage) Second Amendment Bill-2018

Meghalaya’s social organization, Hynniewtrep Achick National Movement (HANM) today organized a signature campaign at U Kiang Nangbah statue in Shillong garner public support for the Khasi Hills Autonomous District (Khasi Social Custom of Lineage) Second Amendment Bill-2018, which seeks to deprive the schedule tribe status of the Hynniewtrep women, if they marry the non-tribals. Banners put up by the organization said, “Inner Line Permit seeks to drive foreigners from the road. The Lineage Bill seeks to drive foreigners right from the families”.

Speaking to MMP the HANM General Secretary, D. Dkhar said the organization is give full support the Lineage Bill brought by the KHADC Chief Executive Member, H.S. Shylla, as the bill it tries to protect and preserve the identity of Hynniewtrep community, not only for the present generation, but for the future generations. He also said the non-tribals are taking advantage for their own benefit by marrying the Hynniewtrep women. “When a non-tribal man marries a non-tribal woman, he assumes to himself her title and all that she possesses”, he said, adding that non-tribal men who marry the Hynniewtrep women should also do the same.

Dkhar also said that he is making an ardent appeal to all those who are opposing the bill to reconsider they stand for the good of the community. He also said that the campaign will be organized in other localities of Shillong.

When asked to comment on the Bill submitted by Shylla to the head of the state and later Meghalaya Governor, Ganga Prasad sent it to the District Council Affairs Department, Government of Meghalaya, Dkhar said the Governor should have pointed out the reasons for sending the bill to the Government, which he did not do. Another member of HANM said it is time for the KHADC and the Government of Meghalaya to legislate effective laws which will protect the tribal community pertaining the culture, custom, inheritance and land. “Meghalaya is having only weak laws and it is time for legislating radical laws for the good of the community”, he added. MMP

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