US President threatens to push Government into shutdown over US Mexico border wall

             US President Donald Trump has threatened to push the Government into shutdown ahead of the coming appropriations deadline in September, if Congress does not fund his US-Mexico border wall and change the nation’s immigration law. In a tweet, Mr Trump said he would be willing to ‘shut down’ government, if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall.

Trump campaigned on the promise of building a border wall to deter illegal immigration. Congress has given him some funding but not as much as he has requested. He also wanted changes to legal immigration, including scrapping a visa lottery program. In addition, he wanted to end the practice of releasing immigrants caught entering the country illegally on the condition that they show up for court hearings.

                            Trump has also demanded that the US shift to an immigration system that’s based more on merit and less on family ties. Democrats and some Republicans have objected to some of the changes Trump seeks. The federal budget year ends September 30, and lawmakers will spend much of August in their states campaigning for re-election in November. NSD

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