Tuber Behdeinkhlam

 Sein Raij Tuber celebrates the Tuber Behdeinkhlam festival in Jaintia Hills  of Meghalaya.

 Niam Tre The religious Tuber Behdiengkhlam festival to drive away the plague organized by indigenous tribal faith Niam Tre was concluded at Tuber Village in Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya. Thousands of people thronged the muddy pool to witness the immersion of the sacred trunk know as “Knong Blai” and other well decorated wooden structures at the pool amidst blowing of the wind-pipe instrument, The Tangmuri and the bugle called “Ka Bikur” in the local language. Prayers invoking the All Mighty to drive all the evils from the community was performed during the festival. The community also asked God, the All Mighty to bless the community with bountiful of agricultural crops, prosperous business, peace and good health.


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